Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just a little llama

Time flies.
The end of June and the beginning of July saw family time in total here. Everyone was here in one place and we got a family photo done - with new babies too. If I get the OK and if someone can send me a copy of the photo, I'll post it.

My eldest daughter and her family live in the interior of British Columbia and if you're a Canadian, you know that there are wildfires raging. People have evacuated to safer locations. My son-in-law went back home early to look after the pigs, chickens and garden while my two grandsons and my daughter stayed a bit longer. They are still here because the area where they live is still not all that safe even though there are some places that are being allowed back - slowly. All is well and we are keeping busy.

Jennifer Jangles is having a sew along with her Little Llama Softie pattern and I thought it would be a nice project to do with my four year old grandson, Patric.

All the fabrics were chosen by Patric. Obviously, he likes blue.

Here's Patric with the Spiderman puzzle he put together.

I'm going to post this to The Needle and Thread Network. Why don't you stop by for some inspiration?


  1. BC fires, I have friends in Princeton, they have been evacuated, no idea what they will find if they are allowed back any time soon, another in Ymir, near Nelson, and another couple a little further north. So scary, and a massive bill since April. I hope your family find their home and animals all safe. Love the wee softie.

  2. Thoughts are with your daughter and her family - and prayers that the fires will end soon. In the meantime, enjoy having them with you.

  3. Just terrible with the fires. Nice project to do with your young one. Family time is the best.

  4. Just terrible with the fires. Nice project to do with your young one. Family time is the best

  5. My thoughts are with you and your family! That little llama would look great as an applique on a quilt too (I thought you were making that), but it will be a lovely soft toy.

  6. Stay safe, Dolores. Your llama is whimsically perfect!

  7. What a good, fun granny you are Dolores! Hope all is well for your family in BC??? Thinking of you all.


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